“My Own Place Under The Sun”

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Reminiscing is the most wonderful thing to do, when you have your “ME” time. And all those wonderful memories during childhood seems like a cotton candy in Sugarland. It’s like as sweet as honey and as good as cherry. 🙂

Back in December 95′ I was born in a foreign country, but raised in the Archipelago. Pilipinas 🙂 Palo, Leyte to be exact; in a small barangay used to be called “BAKTASAN” now, “SALVACION”. It’s really kinda funny and somehow ironic since my Aunt happens to be Salvacion as well that is why children at a very young age thinks she has something to do with the place, but the fact is that; it was actually taken from our Patron Saint; Nuestra Senora De Salvacion. 

We lived a normal and simple life, in a house just enough for all 6 of us. But usually, there are only 5 of us, since my mom comes home for only once a year. I never grew up with her, because she had to work for a living. Even so, she manages to be the best as she can be. My Aunt, whom I call “Mama”, My Uncle, whom I call “Papa”, My Ate & Kuya (cousins) whom I treat like my actual brothers and sisters, and of course; My Mom. There were no cements on streets yet, and as you pass by some of the houses in our place, there were a lot of fruit-bearing trees, and flowers of different kind. My playmates were my cousins, and some of the other kids from the different zones of our barangay. Going to te beach, playing all day long , and coloring books were my favorite hobby and being inquisitive was just my thing. But childhood wasn’t that easy having an asthma. You have to take medicine, inhalers, and a lot of things are prohibited. I can say, it was the most difficult part of my childhood. But God had been good .. so good to me, that he gave me all these chances to enjoy the wonders of childhood. 🙂 I was luckily cured, and when I knew I was, I’ve never been so happy.

Looking back, I was most likely a street kid, always out of the house, playing and discovering new things. My favorite game back then was Slipper Game, Slipper Box, Tex (wherein you toss a small piece of hard paper with your favorite characters on tv, and toss it like heads and tails) Bahay-bahayan, and of course; Hide and Seek. 🙂 I love it when I get wounds. It might sound weird but I loved it cause I can see I was really taken care of, and it was my definition of being relaxed, and all cleaned up after my aunt would cleanse it. I got into a lot of trouble, my aunt would scold me, and take me home for getting too far, for biting a few of my playmates when mad, and for getting dirty. 🙂 All those, it was just fun. And even if I encountered a lot of scolding, I would never wanted to change a thing, because my childhood was worth it.

It was simply one of the best days of my life, living freely, being me, doing those things that I love. We only live once, and not to mention; I am greatful enough to at least live the life I wanted to have during my childhood. It was Sugar, Spice, and Everything nice. 🙂



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Math, Math, Math.. everywhere there is Math. Since I started school, MATH was like my worst enemy whom your trying to be friends with but your friendship just won’t workout? 🙂 I was never good at it but yes I always try.

Some say that the acronym for MATH is “MENTAL-ABUSE-TO-HUMANS which I say is a little bit funny but I guess it’s not. MATH is there to challenge human minds, to be able to solve problems, and allows you to seek solutions and it makes you realize how beautiful a problem is after you solve it. But there are just those times when I can’t seem to solve such problems immediately, and sometimes I don’t understand them thoroughly. But I always have a hard time to cope with this subject and no matter how hard I try, it will never be my favorite.

Right now I’m a Senior High School Student. I enjoy our math subject at times, and I know it might as well be astonishing but yes, I enjoy it at times. I think the only problem I’m having right now is applying Math to Physics. 🙂 Somehow, I manage to belong  even just being part of the average, but sometimes, it’s still not enough. However it goes, God know I try hard, just to make this brain inexpensive and used 😀

The day you left Leyte, the heavens cried..

The day you left Leyte, the heavens cried..

I fell into tears, not having you by my side

Just as the heavy rain poured down the whole city,

So did my lonely broken heart felt cold & empty.

I never wanted you to leave

But I guess wat I ask is just so much to give

Having you was just as perfect as the sun rises and sets upon me

But I guess it was never meant to be

Just as a desolate moon across an empty sea.

But we never know what our future olds,

And we might encounter a thousand folds

Sorrow, happiness and conflicts might come between us

But all of these will never change what have been

For my love remains the same, as eternal as a flame.

Complicated Heart :)


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There are just these times wherein you tend to get confused about what or how you feel. You feel different kind of things your unsure of, but in the end you’ll find out that there’s nothing so special about it, or the other way around, wherein you’ll end up getting hurt before even knowing that what you feel was real. 🙂

Different people, different situations, but the same direction. So when are these times when your heart seems COMPLICATED? 😀  most of the answers especially Teenagers will say; “When we’re in love” 🙂 I hear a lot of love problems from different kind of people.. some of them are too plain, some are just minor, some major, while some are deep. Heart aches, Heartbreaks, their all part of the cycle. A person who knows how to love, or loves; always end up getting hurt. It’s vice-versa but then we learn from all our mistakes, and make up for it 🙂

“It is better to love than to not have loved at all” 😀 well yeah .. oldies. Well we all know that LOVE is a great feeling. Unexplainable, different, unique, fun,broad; so let’s just say it covers almost everything since it was given to us by God. 🙂  so therefore we  love for a purpose.  There are times when we are afraid to be left alone, times when we feel our lives are complicated, and so as our hearts, and that we cannot seem to handle how everything’s complicated. We are in doubt, but Love still remains. 😀 we learn how to ease the pain, we learn how to move forward, and we learn to keep ourselves and keep love in ourselves.

That is why it is good to know that after all the things that were made difficult or was naturally difficult for you, after all the sorrow, after loving and getting hurt, at the end of the day, there is always that one person that will mend a complicated heart, a complicated life, in a complicated situation. A person who will always love you, even when your complicated yourself 😀 I know that I’m getting too far and pardon me. It’s just that; I was caught in the moment and found an inspiration to write this thing up. 🙂

“Do not love a person because you need him, instead; Love a person who needs you because he loves you. “

The Loyalty of her Heart

A group protested the Catholic Church’s treatment of nuns outside a meeting of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops in Atlanta on Wednesday.Source of photo: http://thelede.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/06/13/protesters-for-nuns-ask-u-s-bishops-to-help-them-out/

There are just some of these times wherein you encounter people who seem different in the eyes of many. Some of them hinder themselves from doing what they dream about, while some just have that courage, confidence and strength within them that does not stop them from doing what they love and what they want to do despite their differences. I for myself am a witness to all of these. At times, being different is better because of what you have and how special you can be. Being different is unique. it gives you a lot of  everything good or bad, but at the end of the day, it keeps you standing tall.

Let me share to you a story of a Nun, whom I encounter each time I enter the church and hear mass. A nun considered different, and a nun that is not in the convent. A nun who is unique and strong, a nun with a pure and loyal heart, and a nun who offered herself to God without any exceptions. Eversince I was a child, I always notice this old lady at the church. Yes, she is a nun, but she is different from all others, it’s because she wears a different kind of  habit since she had the casual one. Different because it seemed normal, but she wears a veil and a skirt of course. She spends a lot of her time at the church to pray, and does service as well.

Then did I got curious about her, when I was already a Sophomore High School student. I asked my aunt about that nun who seemed different. “Mama, what kind of nun is she? why isn’t she with the other sisters? is she fine? ” then Mama told me that the  Sister(Nun) was a very good speaker. She told me that the Sister was sent to Europe, even Vatican because she was one of the finest. But then she got very ill and it took a long time for her to recover. Since then, she wasn’t permitted to go back to the convent. I’m pretty much sure that was the hardest thing that ever happened to her that was indeed very difficult to accept. I admire her for being brave, and I admire her strong heart. She is a Nun, A Sister who is not only by word and by action. Her heart is pure and true and is always ready for service, since she offered herself to God. 🙂

From then on, I understood what my aunt told me about her, and I can’t help but idolize her it is because she continues offering herself to God. She never got tired, and she never was hindered by the things getting in her way. She stood tall and she was strong enough to handle life’s obstacles given to her by God.

We don’t have to take things for compliance. Not just like conducting vows and being committed because we have too, instead; we need too. Love, and Service.. maybe these are just the things we need, some things that aren’t measured, but intead they are given. 🙂

Where do Broken Hearts go?


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Seems like everybody’s heart is breaking today. Most of  the people I know are falling apart as of the moment, and I can’t seem to find out why, but each has a story, and each has their own reason.  A first teenage love affair crashed into an early heartbreak, an admiration suddenly cut off, a doubtful feeling felt, and a weary heart that is uncertain.

A friend of mine who is really a lot younger than me, came up to me earlier today. Upon seeing me, she immediately gave me a warm hug and she burst into tears. Of course I was confused about what happened to her because just the other day, she was asking for my advice on how she can handle the relationship she’s involved with at the moment. Then she wouldn’t stop weeping.. a few minutes later, she was able to tell me what was wrong. She told me that she got hurt because she saw this person she admires most with someone else. Then I told her to be strong, to be tough. And that; she’s pretty and sociable and friendly enough. She’s likeable, so who wouldn’t like her back? then finally I told her to not cry over the person, because she deserves someone better. This little girl is too young enough for heartbreaks and stuff, and I think she isn’t matured enough to be involved in those kind of situations. Cheering her up and giving her confidence about herself made her feel better. And I felt relief afterwards. Finally she realized something. It’s just that, she’s too young to take those things seriously.

Some others today were just silent, quiet, wimpy, sad, frustrated, mad, hurt. and etc. They can’t seem to tell other people how bad they feel. Instead of opening up, they just prefer being quiet or keeping it to themselves, unlike the young lady who approached me and told me what she was aching for. What I told the other one was that, she’ll get over it. Crying is fine, it makes you feel a little bit fine afterwards, though the pain remains. But she’s strong. She’ll be fine. Maybe not now, but sooner or later, she will.

Everything happens for a reason; why we tend to get our hearts broken, why we need to get hurt, why we need to learn lessons, and why we need to love. It is okay not to be okay. it’s okay to feel sadness, but it is not okay to tell yourself; “Hey, just move on! ” remember, “What exists, persists.” Do not pretend. Just let it be. Wait for it till your heart is finally ready, till there’s no more pain, till everything is already in place. There is always a way to fix a broken heart. Eat, Pray, and Love again 🙂

He’s My HERO :)

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We all grew up with Marvel Heroes, saving the world in chaos, in times of trouble, and when someone is in need of help. 🙂 And someday, we wanted to be like them. 🙂

I saw this on facebook, and it made me smile. I was touched by Jesus’ message in there. 🙂 I can see superheroes are good listeners, and how Hulk, Spiderman, and Captain America seemed really interested upon listening to Jesus’ way of saving the world. See, we know for a fact that superheroes doesn’t exist. In reality, we don’t have Superheroes who saves us in times of trouble. Sometimes it is us, who makes ourselves our own hero, with PRAYER as an armor, and FAITH as our shield, and EVIL is our enemy; which makes us God’s soldiers. 🙂 But there are just those times when people forget about Jesus’ sacrifices and why he died in the cross. Isn’t it sad? that some of us doesn’t even know him.. That some of us only calls him when we need him. 😦 such a very sad reality.

Just like Hulk, Spiderman, and Captain America, I hope were one in the same, being a good listener to Jesus, and to Our Dear Daddy God, to his words which will lead us through life. Jesus died for us because he saved us from our sins. Before I was born,  before we were born, our sins had already been forgiven because he died a very long time ago for us. He was the penalty for our sins. That is why My Dear Brothers, and Sisters, I am telling you now his story. 🙂 Let us spread it. Let us get to know him even more, and besides our own selves, let HIM be our hero. Let him in our heart. In that way, we will understand his story. “And that’s how he saved the world. 😉 “